30 March 2016

For Acculturated: Make Captain Ahab American Again

Perhaps you have heard of the recent completion of Moby Dick as an audiobook/podcast by Plymouth University. Here is an article I wrote about it for Acculturated on the dichotomy between it as the great American novel and narrated and produced by the British.

18 March 2016

America for President

With the presidential primary elections in full swing, I cannot help but reflect on what these campaigns, taglines and pleas for a new leader imply and reflect about our society and its needs. Particularly, I have been thinking about this in light of David Castro's book Genership 1.0: Beyond Leadership Toward Liberating the Creative Soul.

Genership "describes the practice in which humans collaborate with one another in generative processes - activities that foster creativity. Genership enables productivity; it brings into existence the desired materials, services, technologies, and energies that benefit the group as a whole."