28 January 2016

Philadelphia Restaurant Week

Philadelphia Restaurant Week is wrapping up this weekend. I enjoyed an amazingly delicious dinner at Russet last week. If you haven't made a reservation anywhere yet, I highly recommend going here! Read more in my review featured on the website Click. Go. Review.

19 January 2016

If I Were a Rich (Wo)Man...

Yesterday I completed my application for GIVEN, a Catholic young women's leadership forum. This conference is exactly what I have been looking for, so fingers crossed I get accepted. But even if not, how great is it that there is a space for young Catholic women to come together and be inspired by others and by the Lord, and explore their talents and aspirations? As part of the application, I had to answer the question: "If you had unlimited funds and all the time in the world, with no outside constraints from school or work, what would you do with your time, money, and talents?" It took me quite a while to figure out an answer, but as I was reading the Organic Manifesto by Maria Rodale, I knew. So pardon me while I get on a mini-soap box, but here is how I would change the world if I could...

09 January 2016

Saved through Storytelling

As a millennial in a new city, struggling to find meaningful work, I recently turned to volunteering as a way of filling my time. I discovered The Best Day of My Life So Far, an initiative that began in Philly and has since moved nationwide, whose mission is to end senior isolation through intergenerational storytelling. As an English BA (and a blogger), storytelling obviously appealed to me, and seniors were a group with whom I hadn't worked previously. Now, a few months into weekly attending, I can honestly say this is not just a way to fill my time, but is usually the highlight of my week.

04 January 2016

Why the World Still Needs Anne of Green Gables

Perhaps Twilight readers (which is more of you than will admit) will agree that one redeeming characteristic of Bella Swan is her love of classic literature, particularly Anne of Green Gables. Unfortunately, beyond this passing interest – which gets totally obliterated in the films – Bella and the writing of Stephanie Meyer resemble L.M. Montgomery's book and heroine in no way whatsoever. Anne is independent; Bella is infatuated. Anne has goals beyond marriage; Bella marries early. Anne ages; Bella does not. I was reminded of this disjunction when I saw the Google Doodle celebrating L. M. Montgomery’s 141st birthday of Anne and Diana drawing in a meadow. Not a meadow where a lovesick girl makes out with a vampire, but one where young girls form profound friendships. Despite being over 100 years old, Anne of Green Gables is more relevant and important than Twilight to readers today because its characters solve real life issues with intelligent thought and a touch of feminism, which Meyer totally abandons for traditional tropes in a fictional world.